Only in Islington photos on display

Only in Islington - I love Iso

Jarrah McBain in Islington Park

On the first weekend in November the Islington Village Community Group sent 50 recyclable cameras out to residents and business owners of Islington and asked them to capture the unique sights and scenes that characterise life in our diverse community.

Photos taken by participants in the project have been pulled together into an exhibition called Only in Islington. The exhibition will be on display in the windows of Islington businesses from Friday 26 November until 12 December 2010.

Prizes for the best entries will be awarded at the next meeting of the Islington Village Community Group at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 1 December 2010 at Islington Public School. A selection of photos from the exhibition will also be uploaded to the Islington Village Flickr site in the coming weeks.

The Islington Village Community Group would like to thank the Islington Business Group and the City of Newcastle for their support and all of the people who have participated in the project.


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