What would you like to see in Islington Park?

Islington ParkNewcastle City Council are currently undertaking community consultation to inform a plan for Council investment into Islington Park.

Up to 70 local residents attended two facilitated workshops in September and October 2010, and gave their thoughts on what they’d like to see happen in the park. Four key themes emerged from the workshops: the children’s playground, environmental issues, public art, and community events.

Representatives from the Islington Village Community Group and Tighes Hill Community Group volunteered to collect further information from the local community to help determine the top priorities within these key themes for Council investment. A brief online survey has been set up to help achieve this aim and will soon be available from this website.

If you’d like to receive notification when the survey is available, subscribe to receive posts via this website or email islingtonvillagecg@hotmail.com. If you’d like to provide your ideas in person, drop by the Islington Markets at Wickham Park this Sunday (28 November) and speak to a member of the Islington Village Community Group, or come along to the IVCG meeting at 6.30 pm Wednesday 1 December at Islington Public School.


One response to “What would you like to see in Islington Park?


    Yes, more equipment in the playground for the children. There is insufficient play equipment to suit the age range. For example, younger (birth to 18 months) children like a small slide, small swing and climing frames etc. Age range 2-4 like bigger swings, not so small climbing equipment and slides. Children over 5 like running, jumping and hiding equipment (pipes, tunnels, climbing over large rock-like objects). Currently what equipment that’s there needs to be shared over too great an age range. Maybe some rope equipment eg swinging, climbing etc. Also, some tables and shade so parents and friends can meet and take lunch and feed the children there. However, do keep the equipment and area exposed to Maitland road so mothers and bubs are not isolated and become targets of crime or violence (which happens in all areas not just here). Maybe a bike track for young kids with bikes. Tracks that have stop signs, give ways signs etc. to get these kids accustomed to road signs. Keep the off leash dog area as this is great and gets locals together. If I think of more I will be in touch. VALERIE DONOVAN

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