Cleaning up Throsby Creek

Islington ParkOn Sunday 6 March, local residents, business owners and vistors are being invited to help clean up litter in Islington Park as part of Clean Up Australia Day.

At least 80% of rubbish threatening marine life in our oceans is the result of land-based littering entering our storm water drains and finding its way out into our waterways. 

In 2010, 588,000 volunteers across Australia removed 15,560 tonnes of rubbish from 7,073 sites, making Clean Up Australia Day the largest community participation event in Australia. 

If you’d like to do your bit, you can join in at one of the many clean up sites registered in the Throsby catchment. You can join John Sutton at the mangroves boardwalk on Elizabeth St, Carrington from 9 am-midday or help clean up Islington Park from 1-5 pm, meeting at the picnic shelter near the playground.

If you can’t be there on the day, you can make a donation to a local clean up site to help raise funds towards cleaning up Australia. Go to for more information.


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