Plans underway for new playground

Playground working group meeting

The Islington Park playground working group met on 21 May to discuss options for a proposed upgrade.

Over $210,000 has been committed by the former NSW Labor Government and The City of Newcastle for an upgrade of the children’s playground in Islington Park, and a process of community consultation has been underway since September 2010 to ensure the needs of playground visitors are addressed through the upgrade.

On Saturday 21 May around 15 members of the Islington Park playground working group met to discuss preferred options for the upgrade. Susan Denholm from the City of Newcastle’s Place Making program and Amber from Council’s Landscape Architecture section met with the group to discuss a range of options and costs. 

Some of the priorities identified were new equipment for a range of ages and abilities, incorporation of climb-able sculptures and structures for kids young and old to enjoy, landscaping and/or fencing to provide a barrier between the playground and the footpath/cycleway, and shade and seating for parents.

The environmental values of Throsby Creek and the surrounding area will provide an overall theme for the playground, incorporating natural and recycled materials where possible; and the skills, expertise, and imagination of local residents will be drawn on throughout the process to ensure this addition to Islington Park reflects the character, diversity and creativity within the community.

If you’d like to be kept informed on progress of the playground upgrade please send an email to or subscribe to this blog.


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