The Islington Archives

Hawkins Cart - UON

Hawkins’ cart on Maitland Road Islington in 1906. Photo provided courtesy of the University of Newcastle.

The Islington Archives aims to capture the impressive, unusual, funny and esoteric happenings in the life and times of the village of Islington in Newcastle, NSW.

An exhibition, which is being launched on 10 April 2015 at The Angel Islington on Maitland Road, will be on display for two weeks in the windows of Islington businesses.

During the exhibition (and beyond) local residents of Islington past and present are being asked to tell us what they know about Islington’s history and contribute some personal stories and photos for The Islington Archives blog.

The images featured in the exhibition, and a range of other historical references, will also be available on the blog. You can tell us about the people, places and events featured by leaving your comments.

We’d also love you to get out your shoe boxes and family albums and contribute any photos or news clippings you have that feature Islington. It could be your house growing up, the general store on the corner of your street, or a community event in the park.

If you have photos or stories you’d be happy to share publicly on the blog, via Facebook and Twitter and in the print media, please email us at: or send an old-fashioned letter to: Islington Village Community Group, PO Box 123, Islington 2296

This project has been coordinated by the Islington Village Community Group with funding from Newcastle Council’s Make Your Place program.


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